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Read this before applying Empty Read this before applying

Post  Aminis on Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:29 pm

Applicant general requirements
    Friendly & Mature players are welcome
    Teamwork oriented players are welcome
    Players of all race, age, and ethnicity are welcome
    Active and participating players are welcome
    In general most people would find this to be an enjoyable corp to be part of

There are some that may not fit in well
    Players who are selfish and greedy won't be welcomed
    Players who would rather solo, even if there are friends available to fleet
    Anyone with a lust for blood and senseless PvP isn't welcome here

That being said, together we have loads of fun. We are building a quality corporation full of quality players. Most of our players are generous with their time, knowledge, and skill. Everyone works together and we all benefit greatly as a whole.

Read this before applying 2q8x1lc
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