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Mission Running Explained Empty Mission Running Explained

Post  Aminis on Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:26 pm

Hey guys I will try to get Daily Level 4's going.

Here's what I need in each group

1x Tank
1x Salvage Ship
1-3x DPS Ship
1x Healing Ship

Miners are welcome to come along as well if we get ore belts.

No minimum on the fleet size, but maximum fleet size for level 4 missions will be SIX pilots. Those are the slots, we won't have more than 1 tank (unless tank can dps too) and we won't have more than 1 salvager ever.. etc..

How mission money works

The salvage ship will pick loot/salvage everything on the mission, so just bring your guns.
Shared mission LP rewards and mission BONUS etc.. I have 30% increased LP per mission from training two 30 million isk skills.

When we complete enough missions for the day, either the salvager or another hauler will haul all of our goods to Jita. There myself or another trader can sell them. No reprocessing or anything, it sells for more whole. If at some point a corp member attains Scrapmetal Processing 5, I'll transfer any junk items to him for guarantee of highest ISK for our efforts.

After selling the goods in Jita, the total net profit will be distributed evenly among those who participated in the mission fleet.**

**Please allow a slight delay as some items will need time to sell if there are no buyers offering a reasonable price. I have enough trade skills to accommodate 50 buy/sell orders at a time. All sales will go directly into the corporate Security wallet for auditing and organization purposes where shares will be paid out from. Payment for mission runs can take 1-2 days depending on market.
***Person doing trading gets a 70,000 ISK reimbursement to cover broker fees.

Note on item requests
If a particular item you need drops, you can purchase it from our total split for a 30%** discount** off of lowest market price. Money from your purchase will then be equally distributed to all other members of the mission fleet. If anyone else in the corp is looking for a particular item please list it on forum ahead of time. The benefit is if we find it, you can buy it from our mission fleet for 30% off as a corp discount. Otherwise we aren't hanging onto any of the loot.

**Corp Discount: 30%
**Non-Corp Discount: 15%

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